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Strategic Direction


A NISE Vision

For the Barbados economy to further thrive in the 21st century, it is essential that this small island state be globally competitive. On-going national commitment to and demonstration of service excellence as a way of life is therefore critical to Barbados’ achievement of enhanced productivity and world-class competitiveness. Pockets of incremental change in service are not enough…we must boldly seek transformation.

NISE is therefore committed to working with all Barbadians in schools, the public, private and non-governmental sectors towards the achievement of a sustainable Barbadian brand of world-class service excellence.

How NISE Will Make It Happen

Establishment of a National Framework for Service Excellence will institutionalise the following seven strategic pillars for sustainable service excellence driven by the national vision for world class service, strategic service leadership and increased global competitiveness.

  • Research - Based on the premise that understanding the status quo is the first step towards change, NISE will continue to provide the nation with research, benchmarking and comparative analyses of service excellence. Studies such as the widely read National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) will continue to be a sound information base and platform for service improvement, focusing and energizing organisations in their efforts to enhance service.
  • Leadership - The transformation required in organisations cannot be achieved without the visioning, commitment and example of effective leadership. NISE will continue to prepare leaders of organisations across all economic sectors for the task through leader to leader programmes and conferences; and study tours to recognised international centres of service excellence. Given Barbados’ engagement in the Caricom Single Market and Economy, NISE will also provide regional leadership in service excellence by spearheading projects with partner regional institutions such as CARICOM, UWI, CROSQ and CTO.
  • Innovation - NISE is committed to working with its partners to stimulate and foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship within the society. NISE will continue to encourage organisations to pursue continuous improvement and to engage in process re-engineering. NISE has already implemented the “100 Improvements in 100 Days Programme” which takes a “bottom-up” approach to process improvement, unleashing the innovation and creativity of Barbadians at all levels in and outside of the workplace.
  • Training and Development - NISE will continue to invest in robust, national measures like the NISE Employee Engagement Index (NEEX) which assists organisations in understanding the levels of and drivers of employee engagement. NISE will continue to keep Barbadian organisations in touch with cutting edge service knowledge and innovation through cost effective employee training and development programmes, supporting the national long-term objective of workforce behavioural and cultural change for sustainable service excellence.
  • Accreditation - More emphasis will be placed on international accreditation and certification, to be undertaken primarily with CXC and the TVET Council. NISE will also be developing and implementing the National Excellence Framework, awarding the NISE stamp of service excellence to outstanding businesses.
  • Partnership with OPSR - The success of Barbados as a premium tourism destination, an entrepreneurial hub or even as an ideal place to live and work, hinges on service excellence in the public sector. NISE will continue to strengthen partnerships with the Office of Public Sector Reform to leverage synergies and opportunities for developing a more citizen centred public service.
  • Communication - NISE will continue to build its repository of information on service excellence, sharing and disseminating this information to stakeholders on a sustained basis through mass and social media and Community Outreach programmes.
  • The National Service Excellence Awards - NISE will create Barbados’ most prestigious service awards to publicly acknowledge and reward organisations and individuals who consistently achieve the highest levels of service excellence.
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