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NISE Structure


It is important to understand that the National Initiative for Service Excellence involves all of us. Each individual and organization will be required to play a part in changing the ways that we do things. The NISE Management Team will provide the national leadership to guide and manage the process.
The responsibility of the executive is the implementation of the NISE strategic plan and the management of day to day operations.

The NISE Management Group works with a variety of organisations throughout the island to influence the implementation of our national service excellence programme.

The NISE organisation structure is as follows:



Our Distinguished Board of Directors comprises three representatives of each arm of the Social Partnership and provides the structure to ensure that critical policies, influence and networks are available to execute the strategic plan and activities.

Chairman of the Board - Sir Keith Hunte
A long distinguished career as an academic and tertiary education administrator.

Mr. Ben Arrindell
President, Barbados Private Sector Association and a leading business figure.

Dr. Jeannine Comma
Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Cave Hill School of Business

Mrs. Marguerite Cummins-Williams


Chief Executive Officer – Kim Tudor
The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the development of the strategic objectives of NISE that is, developing, coordinating and facilitating a nationwide programme designed to create a culture of service excellence in Barbados. In addition the CEO is responsible for the executive management and performance.

Programme Manager - Cynthia Blackman
The Programme Manager is responsible for the planning, development, management and evaluation of assigned projects, as well as managing the day-to-day administrative functions of the office.
Advisor Client Services Customer Service - Tracey Austin
The advisor client services customer service leads the development of the organisational and national customer service improvement efforts including working with organisations to shape their organisational culture to reflect behaviours and values consistent with the Service Excellence concept.


During the period July 2003 to September 2004, four circles were formed and each was assigned responsibility for one of the following activities - research and assessment, public relations, education, and finance and funding. Through their respective inputs, the circles played a pivotal role in guiding the development of NISE during this period. Their hard work is reflected in the finalisation of the NISE five-year strategic plan.

Finance and Funding Circle

Mr. Darcy Boyce
Ms. Juanita Thorington-Powlett
Mr. Grady Clarke
Mr. Robert Foster
Mr. William Hutchinson
Mr. Bentley Gibbs
Mr. John Pilgrim
Dr. Jeannine Comma
Mr. Vancourt Rouse
Mr. Kenneth Walters
Research Circle

Dr Jeannine Comma
Mr. Stephen Worme
Ms. Jewel Belmar
Ms. Camille Nozica
Mr. John Agard
Mr. Dick Stoute
Ms. Angela Hunte
Ms. Veronica Griffith
Mr. Richard Durant
Mr. Mike Worrell
Mr. Vancourt Rouse
Education Circle

Ms Charmaine Napoleon-Ramsey
Ms. Roseanne Myers
Mr. Ulric Sealy
Mr. Ryan Byer
Mr. Joseph Goddard
Miss Kim Tudor
Mr. Patrick Frost
Ms. Wendy Griffith-Watson
Mr. Rudy Gibbons
Ms. Yvette Browne
Mr. Thomas Field
Ms. June Agard
Communication Circle

Mr. Orlando Scott
Mr. Ricardo Redman
Mr. Ian Estwick
Dr. Allison Leacock
Ms. Lynda Holder
Ms. Anne Reid
Ms. Roxanne Gibbs
Ms. Michelle Smith
Mr. Herbert Harewood
Ms. Avril Gollop
Ms. Sharon Christie
Ms. Allison Kirton
Mr. James Husbands
Mr. Andrew Bynoe
Ms. Carolyn Williams
Ms. Averil Byer
Productive Sectors

Senator Andrew Bynoe
Mr. Cally Boyea
Mr. Henderson Holmes
Mrs. Ena Harvey
Ms. Lorna Barrow
Mr. Wendell Callender
Mr. Joe Steinbok
Ms. Michelle Smith
Rev. Dr Marcus Lashley
Mr. Roosevelt King



Covers the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to become a customer services practitioner. It provides a stimulating blend of information, ideas and activities. The Best Practice Guide will also enable individuals to achieve the Barbados National Vocational Qualification in Delivering Customer Service and Unit Certification.

Stephanie Edwards (Best Practice Guide Author) is a Director of Customer 1st International.

Key Features:
Mapped to the National Occupational Standards for Customer Service Level 2

Complete guide for employees in customer service

Innovative ideas on how to deliver excellence in customer service

Ideal for classroom activity, small team and independent study

Plenty of practical work related activities and self assessments

Clear definitions of customer service terms


NISE will therefore make clear the roles and responsibilities of the different sections of the community - customers, employers, employees and the general public, who will all benefit from the implementation of improved systems of service delivery.

The benefits will be tangible and represent improved quality of service and value for money to customers. Employers will enjoy greater profitability resulting from greater focus on customer service, improvements in systems of management and motivation of the workforce. Barbados as a whole will become attain a higher level of international competitiveness.

In short, the national objective to improve the quality of life for all of us in Barbados will be achieved since:

Excellent service leads to...
Greater customer and employee satisfaction, which leads to...
Happier existing and potential customers and employees, which leads to...
Larger profits, which leads to...
Greater job security, which leads to...
More money in our pockets, which leads to...
Increased job opportunities for our children which leads to...
A higher standard of living, which leads to...
Higher standards for the next generation, which leads to...
Greater stability within our society and a harmonious way of life.

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