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Live Excellence and Make Barbados NISE

NISE Chairman, Sir Keith Hunte, NISE Director and CTUSAB President, Senator Sir Roy Trotman, NISE CEO Kim Tudor and Dean Frank MarshallAs a nation we are making progress in our efforts to improve the way we deliver service towards our ultimate goal of making Barbados a world leader in service.  What is needed is a greater urgency and commitment on the part of all of us.  What is needed is a fierce determination to overcome the stumbling blocks, to break down the barriers of resistance to change.

Studies show that a country’s value system determines its social and economic success - that when we embrace certain values we are able to make great strides while others can hinder our progress.

Therefore as we envision a positive future we need to embrace those values that have been our guide for the past 300 years and will stand us in good stead for the future.

We often reflect on the good old days, on how we were our brother’s keeper and so in
2008, the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) conducted a number of focus groups to hear from Barbadians what are the values we need to give priority to at this time that would be the bedrock of our future national growth and well-being.   Emerging from this wide consultation, NISE with the firm support of the Social Partners and civil society is pleased to open the New Year with Live Excellence!

Live Excellence
encourages us as a nation to inculcate a cluster of cherished values and associated behaviours that would create a roadmap for us to thrive not only in the face of the current global economic crisis but well into the 21st century.

Courtesy:    how we honour and respect each other as citizens
Honesty:   being truthful and trustworthy with ourselves and with others
Creativity:   inspiring new levels of resourcefulness
Responsibility:   the drive to engage and finish any process with a high degree of commitment, stewardship and accountability
Compassion:   sharing ourselves and resources with our fellow citizens.

As our National Anthem states: “Our Brave forefathers sowed the seeds…” what is  required now therefore is for all of us To Take Pride, Take Responsibility and Take Part.  Live Excellence seeks to address how we interact socially at school, work, in the family and our community.  If we are to be the “craftsmen of our fate” we must recognise that our future development depends on all of us and we cannot only look to Government and other societal leaders to rescue us.

Over the coming months we will be rolling out a number of programmes in support of Live Excellence. We invite all Barbadians to get involved at an individual level by inculcating the values and associated
5-star behaviours and at organisational levels to develop your own initiatives to ensure these values permeate through the home, school, workplace and community and island as a whole.

Let us embrace this campaign to reshape ourselves and emerge as a nation who Live Excellence.

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