Endless Legend Review

Endless Legend Review

Endless Legend adds fantastic twists to familiar strategy.

TFS Tries…ENDLESS LEGEND | Cities, Heroes, and Stories, Oh My! (1/5/2022)

Quinn takes Grant on a tour through Amplitude Studio’s first shot at Civilization’s spot: Endless Legend!

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Endless Legend Review – A Fabulous Fantasy 4X

Endless Legend (http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/Games/Endless-Legend) is an exceptional fantasy 4X fantasy strategy game from the same folks that brought you Endless Space. After playing with the game both in beta and in final form, I take a look at some of the basics of a game to give an overview/review of how awesome this game is. This will then lead into a new Let’s Play series where we follow the Veloxi across this dangerous fantasy world. I hope you enjoy the review, and I thank you for watching!

Endless Legend Review and Rating – Why is this game so great?!

Endless Legend is a 4x turn based strategy game made by Amplitude Studios, and is similar in some respects to the Civilization franchise made by Firaxis Games.

Hex based tiles to build your empire, city scapes which you can develop with buildings, grow in population with increased food, research techs for bonuses to your units, cities, or overall empire.

There are strategic resources for better units or buildings, luxury resources to keep your people happy, and minor nations which pop out hostile units which will threaten your empire.

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Why Endless Legend Is A Fantastic 4x Game

Listen to me talk a bit about my favorite 4x game. The magnificent Endless Legend

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